I'm very glad I chose to work with In the Skin of a Lion as it had been a pleasure reading, discussing and analyzing it with two amazing group members. Thanks Jade and Paul! 

This class overall has been an adventure: thank you Erika, for letting us know through your incredibly creative ways of teaching what it means to learn while thoroughly enjoying the process. This course opened my eyes in many respects. I've mentioned before that I've never found First Nations culture and history to be interesting; however, I do not exaggerate to say that I now find it fascinating, and I have to thank Green Grass Running Water for this. Like Michael Ondaatje who presents the immigrant's side to Canadian history, King reminds us how critical it is to allow our eyes to see. This course brought into light everything I was questioning already about Canada's identity as well as my own, and I realize now that I am part of an enormous population of Canadians who struggled and are still struggling to find footing in the dynamic of our great country. I'm looking forward to extending what I've learned beyond the scope this of classroom, to open other people's eyes in front of something conventionally unseen, and to ultimately add voices to the strict repertoire of stories we collect closely around us for safety. Maybe it's time to see the truth as a lie, and the lie as a truth. If we never venture into these dangerous waters, we may never be safe. 
11/27/2010 05:12:21 am

Thank you - I like your final statement very much. If you read Paul's critique, and my comments, sometimes I worry about 'being'' a safe life boat when i lead students into dangerous waters ....


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